Our youth ministry is for students in grades 6-12 at Trinity at the Well. Our vision is to lead students to a fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ, while building both character and spiritual maturity. Trinity at the Well is committed to providing a safe environment for our youth in which to experience God and the Holy Spirit through worship, study, hospitality, fellowship, small groups and missions. We also care about the well-being of our students and seek to provide an environment that is exciting, engaging, and fun. Weekly gatherings include LinC Sunday School, Sunday night worship, Fab Lunch, and Wednesday night small groups. Special events and mission opportunities are provided throughout the year as well.

Sunday Schedule

10a LinC (Sunday School)

10a Confirmation (Beginning in October)

5:30-6:15p Dinner // $5

6:15-7:30p The Bible Project

7:45-8:30p Open Youth

Wednesday Night Schedule

4:30-5:30p Open Youth and homework time

5:30-6:10p Dinner // $6

6:15-6:45p Worship

6:45-8p Small Groups (High School and Middle School)

8-8:30p Open Youth