We are excited about re-opening the church for in-person worship on Sunday, June 28th and deeply appreciate the responses that were given to the survey that was sent to you last week. Even though our online worship has kept the spiritual growth life-lines open, the in-person worship experience is much more meaningful. That is one reason why the writer of Hebrews made this statement in 10:25 - “And let us not neglect our meeting together as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near.” It is hard to encourage one another when we are not assembling.

In preparation for this day the leadership team, along with the worship team and the church council have been meeting and have developed a plan that we believe will offer the safest possible environment for in-person worship. This has been a tremendous challenge as our goal is to not have a single person contract COVID 19 while attending worship services on the Trinity at the Well Church campus.

  1. The first priority was to designate one facility for worship that would allow the greatest amount of space for attendance using the 6 feet distancing rule and allow for controlled safety procedures to be maximized. We would love to immediately resume worship in two locations as it was before COVID 19 but to start out with having two locations for worship would make the implementation of these procedures more difficult and would jeopardize the safety we are trying to provide. The Family Life Center will be the location for worship during the month of July as it best meets the need these procedures create and the start-up period will run from June 28 - August 2nd. We want to ease into the worship experience seeking to cover all the bases required to offer maximum safety. We hope to add a second 11:00 AM worship service in the sanctuary as soon as we feel that we can safely conduct both worship services. We may implement this second service in August if all goes well with the FLC worship service and the virus shows signs of going into remission. We will know more as we progress through July.

  2. To best prepare for safety in seating arrangements we are asking that you make reservations for worship online at our church website or call Sharon at the church office and let her know how many people are coming to worship. We know that sounds kind of secular, but it is important so we can prepare the worship center for those who are attending. Reservations must be made by Thursday at noon. Due to the safe-distancing rules, we will be able to seat the maximum amount of worshippers which is 100 so please check in for worship as soon as possible as once we have maxed out, we will no longer be able to accept reservations for worship. When you reserve your place for worship, we will need your full contact information as we will need to contact you if any person worshipping contracts COVID during the two weeks after worshipping on the Sunday you attend.

  3. When you come to worship be sure to bring a protective face covering as this will be required so as to provide health safety. If you do not have one or forgot to bring it then the greeters will have one available for you. This will not be required for children 5th grade and under.

  4. Families are encouraged to bring their children and we are asking that families sit together for worship. Entertainment devices such as mobile games or Bible story videos for small children are encouraged as, due to health safety concerns, there cannot be a nursery or children’s church during the start-up period. No children’s sermon will be offered due to the safe distancing policy. We ask that headphones be used for the mobile devices and if there are none, we ask that the devices be used on silent. Interactive material for children that will coincide with the sermon will be provided online during the week prior to the worship experience and can be downloaded, copied, and brought to worship that day.

  5. As you arrive a greeter will be there to welcome you as you park, and that person will direct you to the check-in table that will be located outside the entrance to the FLC. The check-in table is to keep track of who has entered for worship and to make sure we have not exceeded our maximum allowance for safe distancing. There may be some worshippers who are visiting and are unaware of the need for reservations. Lovingly, our leadership is prepared to offer their seats if this happens. The Church Council has agreed to do the same.

  6. The check-in station will be maintained by greeters wearing protective masks and individuals and families will be taken to their seats for worship once they have checked in.

  7. Free standing hand cleansing dispensers (two) will be at the entrance and we ask that those entering to cleanse their hands and if the stands are not available, then greeters will dispense hand-sanitizing lotion for those who enter.

  8. To enhance safety there will be no paper items available such as bulletins or handouts. Worshippers are invited to bring their own coffee, drinks, and edible items as we will not be offering these during the start-up period. We ask that worshippers deposit all paper products in the trash upon leaving.

  9. Collection boxes or offering plates will be available at the entrance for placing offering upon entering or leaving.

  10. Restroom facilities will be available for use and children using these facilities are asked to be accompanied by parents. Signs will be posted to remind us to conduct proper hand cleansing before departing the restroom.

  11. Dismissal will be done in phases or sections of the worship center so that dismissal will reduce the risk of human contact, especially at the exit point. We encourage you, once dismissed, to go immediately to your cars and if there is any social interaction, please conduct this outside the worship center as this will keep crowds from forming at the exits of the same building.

  12. Our online worship will continue and services of worship that are online will be very similar to the live service that is taking place in the FLC. The online service will be at 11:00 as well.

Please keep this return to in-person worship in your prayers and please pray for the healing of our nation and our world, not only physically but spiritually as well.